Jim Freeman
3 minute read
4 Jul 2021
10:00 am

Nkomazi Private Game Reserve: Everybody loves a happy ending

Jim Freeman

The MTPA handed the leopards over to the Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, where they spent three months before being moved to Nkomazi Private Game Reserve

Buff on Mount Camdeboo. Picture: Jim Freeman

Forgive me if I’m being presumptuous as a) a male and b) a nonparent but I imagine there can be no more horrific experience for a mother than having a child abducted. I’m pretty certain this applies as much to mothers in the animal kingdom as it does their human counterparts. About 1½ years ago, a female leopard somewhere in Mpumalanga left her two cubs in their den while she went hunting. When she  returned, they were gone … stolen  and destined to be sold either as exotic pets or muti. Officials from the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency  (MTPA)...