Lerato Maimela
Digital Journalist
2 minute read
8 Jul 2021
5:26 pm

Clint Brink opens up about his psoriasis

Lerato Maimela

The actor has announced that he suffers from psoriasis, a condition in which skin cells build up to form scales and itchy, dry patches

Clint Brink. Picture: Instagram

Award-winning actor Clint Brink has taken to social media to disclose his health issues, specifically the struggle he is facing with psoriasis.

The actor and musician posted a picture of himself in hospital, with a lengthy caption which highlights the health issues he is facing and how hectic life is for him and many others across the world.

Clint starts off his post by reflecting on how tough times are right now and how there is constant news about illnesses and death, especially with the pandemic raging.

Clint Brint
Clint Brink. Picture: Instagram

“Trying times. With all the constant news of illness, death, hopelessness coupled with the nonstop pressures of work requirements, something is bound to give. It’s as if life is a speeding train with no breaks & we, the passengers, don’t know when it will run out of tracks,” the actor said.

He then goes on to speak about how we do not have the time to process everything that is going on in our lives, because so many things are taking place and life just continues to move on whether we like it or not, or whether we’re ready for it or not.

“Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & financial health all seem to be under constant threat. No time to deal with loss. No time to adjust to the world around us. No time to prioritize our health & families when there is no surplus of jobs or opportunities. Working Monday to Monday ( as most entrepreneurs do ) It’s all go go go .. but for what & for who,” asked Brink.


The actor then ended off by talking about his skin disease, psoriasis, how he has been going to therapy and how his therapy and treatments are aiding his healing and helping him function.

“Out of the blue, I developed a case of psoriasis that has been uncomfortable and irritating to say the least. I have also hurt my meniscus & have inflammation in both my knees. All of this right when I am supposed to start training for something really special that kicks off in 14 weeks.

“@power2health’s MBHOT ozonetherapy has been helping me heal these injuries & also nourish my body with the much-needed oxygen-enriched red_blood_cells to keep my brain & body functioning optimally,” Clint said.