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15 Nov 2021
8:15 am

It doesn’t have to be a dark November due to load shedding


With rolling power cuts having gripped the country, South Africans may want to take advantage of Black November deals to help them prepare for ongoing load shedding.

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SA retailer, Game, works 12 months in advance to secure the best deals and stock for its customers with 67% of South African consumers looking to find the best possible deals – according to a recent consumer survey.

Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing, Game says that non-perishable food items would also be a popular choice during this period versus fresh food which consumers can keep as back-ups in their pantries. Furthermore, the rise in petrol prices will also see items such as fresh meat and produce going up but consumers are unlikely to spend too much in this area if loadshedding persists for fear of food going off.

This week’s Black November deals valid from today until 16 November at Game can help get customers through the loadshedding without breaking their budgets.

Cellphones and tablets

Having one device charging while the other is being used is critical for any household, so that at least one device is always available for usage. Game is offering two-for-one-deal on cellphones and tablets and they include data packages.


Portable speakers can keep people entertained, especially after hours and hold a good battery life. Time to tune into Radio 2000 and not miss out on any of those T20 World Cup Cricket games. Couple this with a snooker table, tennis table or swing ball set to keep the kids (and yourself) entertained for hours while getting in some exercise.


A skottel braai and gas cylinder will help you with making meals and heating up pre-made food when the power goes out. This has become a South African essential to get through loadshedding. By investing in a set of quality plastic containers, food will stay fresher for longer even when the fridge goes off. And for when the power does come on, a convection oven is proven to cook food quicker and you’ll be doing your bit for the grid.

“While loadshedding is here to stay for the foreseeable future, South Africans can ease the pain by taking advantage of Black November deals to stock up on items that will help them when the lights go off,” says Madley.

Here are some of the great Black November deals available from Game:

Prices are valid until 16 November

Cellphones and tablets

  • 2x Samsung Galaxy A22 5G smartphones – R379 p/m x24 on Vodacom 1GB Red Top Up Core or R3999 each with a free power bank if you buy cash.
  • 2x Alcatel 1T tabs – R99 P/M x24 on Vodacom My Gig 1 or R899 each plus a free power bank.
  • 2x VIVO Y1s 4G smartphones – R149 p/m x24 on Vodacom Red Flexi 125 or R1599 each with free power bank.
  • 2x VIVO Y12s 4G smartphones – R199 p/m x24 on Vodacom Red Flexi 125 or R2249 each with free power bank.
  • 2x Oppo A15 LTE smartphones – R249 p/m x24 on Vodacom 1GB Red Top Up Core More Data or R1949 each with free power bank.
  • 2x Oppo A53s 4G smartphones – R369 p/m x24 on Vodacom 1GB Red Top Up Core More Data or R3499 each with free power bank.
  • 2x Tecno Mobile Pop 2x Smartphones – R125 p/m x24 on Vodacom Red Flexi 125 or R699 each with free power bank.
  • Tecno Mobile Camon 17 LTE Dual Sim smartphone – R279 p/m x24 on Vodacom 1GB Red Top Up Core More Data or R3799 with free power bank.


  • Shox Explode Speaker with Bluetooth and FM radio, rechargeable lithium battery – R169
  • JVC Bluetooth speaker with FM radio, rechargeable – R449
  • Shoot Vegas Pool Table – R3999
  • Dunlop Swingball Set – R219
  • Shoot TT500 Table Tennis Table R1799 with the Donnay Smash Complete 2 Player Set includes bats balls and nets – R199


  • Cadac Skottel braai – R799
  • Cadac 5kg gass cylinder – R549
  • Otima 24-piece MEGA Lock Box foodsaver set – R179
  • Sunbeam Convection Oven Pro – R649

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