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Beat the queue: Essential tips for a smooth Election Day experience

SA general elections will be held on 29 May this year...

Election Day, 29th May is around the corner, and millions of South African citizens are gearing up to exercise their democratic rights.

However, there is one common frustration: lengthy queues at voting stations. 

To ease this concern, OneDayOnly.co.za has compiled a list of practical tips that may help you navigate these long lines and make the most of your voting experience.

“We’re all familiar with the extended wait at polling stations on voters’ day. While voting stands as one of the year’s most fundamental activities, the long lines can be off-putting. 

“But that needn’t be the case this Election Day. Let these tips assist you in preparing for the inevitable wait at polling stations,” said Jonathan Spencer, Brand & Campaign Manager at OneDayOnly.co.za.

Armed with these survival tips, you can approach Election Day prepared to conquer the queues and make your voice heard. 

Additionally, don’t forget to bring your valid South African identification document, as it’s required for voting.

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How to beat the queues on Election Day

Stay hydrated and warm

Despite it being winter, South Africa’s unpredictable weather may surprise you. With the potential for long queues under the scorching sun, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle handy to remain refreshed. Additionally, you can also bring along a hot water bottle or a travel mug for your favourite warm beverage.

Pack snacks

To sustain your energy levels during the wait, pack snacks like trail mix, energy bars, or fresh fruit. A well-fed voter is a focused voter!

Entertainment is key

Make the most of your wait time and keep boredom at bay by immersing yourself in a captivating podcast or audiobook, whatever works for you.

Ensure your devices stay charged

Carry a portable power bank to keep your phone charged for documenting the occasion with selfies or communicating with friends. And yes, don’t forget the selfie stick for those group shots!

Block out distractions

If you find yourself weary of hearing all the different political opinions and want to block out the noise or you prefer peace amidst the hustle and bustle, bring along earbuds and a curated playlist to help you concentrate and block out distractions.

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