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By Vhahangwele Nemakonde

Digital Deputy News Editor

77 of Gauteng’s 168 high-risk voting stations in Joburg (VIDEO)

There are 2 797 voting stations in 529 wards in Gauteng.

Gauteng police commissioner Lieutenant General Tommy Mthombeni says law enforcement agencies are ready to ensure safety and maintain order when South Africans take to the polls on 29 May.

Mthombeni provided an update on the readiness of the police at the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) code of conduct and pledge signing ceremony for political parties on Tuesday.

The Saps will deploy police officers depending on the categorisation of the voting stations, he said.

There are 2 797 voting stations in 529 wards in Gauteng.

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Of these, 168 have been categorised as high risk, 377 as medium risk, while 2 252 are expected to provide smooth services, with no disruptions expected.

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Of the 168 high-risk voting stations, 77 are in the Johannesburg district, followed by 42 in Ekurhuleni, 29 in Tshwane, 18 in Sedibeng and two in the West Rand, said Mthombeni.

Gauteng in numbers

About 57 representatives of political parties signed the IEC’s code of conduct on Tuesday, said Gauteng Electoral Officer Thabo Masemula.

He assured Gauteng residents that the planning for the 29 May elections was going well.

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“Over the past 22 months, the IEC has been hard at work laying the ground work for this year’s elections.

“In this regard, I’m pleased to report that our preparations have reached an advanced stage,” said Masemula.

“As we speak today, delivery of electoral materials to the provincial warehouse has commenced and it will be concluded within reasonable timelines.”

Gauteng accounts for the highest number of registered voters, with 6.5 million registered voters.

The province has 2 797 voting stations, with 203 of these temporary stations.

Masemula said the province was moving ahead with its plans to reduce the number of temporary voting stations, as the province had 302 of these in 2019 elections.

According to the officer, 1 466 candidates will be contesting for 80 seats at the provincial legislature, while 969 candidates will be contesting for 47 seats in the regional component of the ballot.

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About 207 facilitators have been employed and deployed across the province to provide face-to-face voter and balloting education.

At least 8 619 presiding officers, deputy presiding officers and voter’s roll officers are ready for the deployment to Gauteng’s 2 797 voting stations on election day.

“This group will also form the core of the team of volunteers who will be running the voting stations on election day, along with a further 22 832 additional support staff currently being recruited and trained,” he said.

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