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Crowdgifting – The modern way of gifting

There is a new platform created to save you endless hours in the shopping mall or online, its called crowdgifting and can easily be done online.

Being invited to a special occasion such as a birthday party can be exciting, however, buying the right gift isn’t an easy task. But, there is an easy solution that many are getting into, it’s called ‘crowdgifting’. 

With economic times becoming harder, the rising cost of inflation and living becoming unbearable for some, adding a gift for someone can be tough to squeeze into your budget. 

What is ‘crowdgifting’?

A digital platform is helping South Africans to set up or participate in ‘crowdgifting’ solutions for family and friends during their memorable moments. 

The e-commerce company is called the ChipIn – it is one part of the Brand Hubb Group’s (BHG) growing list of e-commerce properties. It has been described as an easy-to-use and effective gifting service and the idea has been refined over the last two years. 

Using Chipln will help you save hours of wandering around a shopping mall or online to find the “perfect gift” or the wrong one.

If you want to pick a gift that will be memorable, a creator can log in to the platform, buy or contribute to a gift that has been pre-selected by the giftee, or the recipient of a gift.

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The purpose is to give the giftee an opportunity to choose a gift of their desire or a meaningful gift. 

So how does it work?

Through the platform, the giftee or the friend or family member organising an event on his or her behalf can register online and set up a wish list of suitable items.  

Rob Anderson, CEO of BHG further explained: “Each gift-giver is able to select and pay for an item on a pre-populated wish list or make a cash contribution towards it”. 

The giftee can also ask for gifts that do not come off as demanding or ungrateful as they also facilitate crowdgifting for donations or sponsorships.

It will easily become the modern way of gifting in the future.

The gifts list can be suitable for a baby shower, a farewell, an anniversary, weddings and birthdays. 

“It is also a great enabler for family and friends to club together towards big ticket gifts for special occasions such as a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary. ChipIn bridges the gap of family and friends living abroad having to try to find local gift suppliers, as well as offering a sponsorship or donation application,” Andersons adds. 

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