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Valentine’s Day gift guide: A gift for each of the senses

Don't know what gifts to get your partner this Valentine's Day? Check out our list of gifts that delight each of the senses.

If you are lucky enough to have someone special to spend your Valentine’s Day with this year, you may find yourself wracking your brain for ideas about what to gift them. 

If you’re also the sentimental type, you may just want to take your gift idea a step further by elevating your gift experience to make Valentine’s Day 2023 a day to remember. 

We have compiled this gift guide with a gift idea for each of the senses for partners from both sexes in order to make gifting a little easier this year.

Feel free to swap the items under each category for something more personalised when gifting that special somebody.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him

Taste: A steak. Everybody loves food, so when it comes to gifting a partner or marking a special occasion, food is always a winner.

If you have a little money set aside for a Valentine’s Day meal, why not book a dinner at your favourite restaurant ahead of the V-Day rush?

If money is a little tight this year, you can look up a recipe for something simple that you’ve both never tried and whip it up for your at-home dinner on the special day.

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Touch: A PlayStation controller. Unless you have a partner who works with their hands, there are few things as tactile as gaming and other technological devices for men. If you were able to save up enough for this year’s Valentine’s Day gift, consider splurging on a PlayStation controller or two for the gamer in your life.

If your partner is a little more artsy and appreciative of extraordinary experiences, you could also book a few pottery classes. 

We can’t promise that you’ll have the opportunity to channel your inner Patrick Swazey and Demi Moore in Ghost, but this will definitely provide an opportunity for you to do something new and creative together.

Smell: A cologne. Smelling good is something that most people enjoy, so a fragranced gift is often a winner. The great thing about fragrances is that there are a range of budget-friendly options as well as options for those looking to spend just a little bit more. 

On the budget-friendly end of the spectrum, we have options like the Playboy VIP New York EDT available at stores like Clicks or the Avon Justine Black Suede Touch set of fragranced products. 

For the big spender, stores like Skins Cosmetics and Galeries De Parfums have a range of three to four-figure options when it comes to luxury fragrances.

See: IMAX movie tickets or tickets to a live sporting event

Whether you’re dealing with a film connoisseur or a person who simply enjoys some good viewing or live sports, you’re in luck when it comes to options for a sight-related gift. 

Consider gifting your boo IMAX tickets (or an IOU) to a major blockbuster film or tickets to an epic sporting event set to take place in and around South Africa.

If you’ve had a really good financial year, you could even make that tickets to an international sporting event complete with airfare and accommodation.

Hear: Audiophiles are among some of the toughest people to shop for. Not just because you may not know what to buy but also because you might not be able to afford the kind of gift they would appreciate. 

For a four-figure option, consider getting the Sony WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones or the Bose QuietComfort 45 Wireless Headphones. 

Alternatively, you could look into wireless earbuds, a sound bar or a complete sound system within your budget.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her

Valentine's Day homemade gifts
A couple having a romantic dinner. Picture: iStock

Taste: Much like steak, seafood is often considered the type of thing you eat on special occasions, so why not treat your lover to a seafood dinner? There is also a wide selection of recipes to choose from if you find yourself having to cook dinner this year due to budget constraints.

Spruce up dinner by decorating the table and laying out the crockery and cutlery correctly in addition to setting the mood with some dim lighting and coloured pillar candles.

Touch: A brand new handbag or pair of shoes. If you can’t gift your partner a voucher to go do their own shopping, perhaps pop into Diamond Walk or stores like Foschini, Edgars or Woolies to select the perfect handbag and shoe combo for them to wear to your next night out or big family event. Go for good, solid materials to make the tactile experience of the gift more special.

Smell: A woman can never have too much perfume, so add a new item to her selection. This season we’re loving Lancome La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum, Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium, Versace Dylan Blue Pour Femme Eau De Parfum. 

For the more budget-conscious shopper, we recommend Avon Justine Little Black Dress Lace or Playgirl VIP Paris EDT.

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See: Outdoor and independent cinemas. Treat your cinephile lover to a night under the stars watching their favourite classics with The Galileo Open Air Cinema operating in the Western Cape. 

If you’re based in Joburg, look into bespoke theatres like The Bioscope Independent Cinema in Maboneng or Egrek Cinema in Parkhurst. While you might not get the outdoor experience with these cinemas, you will get the chance for a more intimate movie night.

Hear: The Soirée by Stella Artois: Lovers’ Edition. Treat the music lover in your life to a Valentine’s Day live music experience like the third instalment of the popular lifestyle music and food event The Soirée by Stella Artois.

This February’s event is called the Lovers’ Edition and it will take place on Saturday, 18 February at the Toadbury Hall Hotel. 

You can expect an eclectic, all-star music line-up with BET-nominated award sensational RnB singer Elaine, Sama-award-winning singer Amanda Black, Hip-Hop Super Mega AKA and dynamic superstar Lloyiso.

In addition to an all-star music line-up, the popular lifestyle event features picnic-style seating and an artisanal food experience. To purchase tickets, go to Howler.

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