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10 Sep 2021
12:21 pm

Self-care: Five beauty products to buy on a budget

Renate Engelbrecht

You might be on a budget, but compromising on self-care could be seen as irresponsible, considering your mental health.

Self-care is important. Picture: iStock

In tough economic conditions, one of the things that gets downgraded quickly is our beauty routine as it is often seen as a luxury. But, self-care should still be a priority as it also has a positive effect on your mental health.

While purchasing beauty products on a budget, there is no use in compromising on your personal well-being or your aspirations to make more environmentally friendly and sustainable choices.

Keeping your tight budget in mind, here are five beauty products that are still worth splurging on:

ZERO Hand and Nail Cream

In a time where we sanitise our hands regularly, having a hand and nail cream handy at all times is non-negotiable. ZERO Hand and Nail Cream is a 100% natural, vegan, plant-based cream, enriched with sweet almond oil and shea butter to help heal dry and cracked hands.

It is both kind to your skin and the environment and even its packaging is 100% recyclable.

Magnetic eye candy

If you are still working from home and you don’t feel like putting on makeup every day, there is a simple solution that will still make you feel fabulous in a jiffy. As you might have to attend a video call or Zoom meeting every now and again, adding a pair of magnetic lashes to your eyes might just give you that accentuating effect you’re after.

KISS’ magnetic lashes come with a magnetic liner, which you put across your lash line and then you gently apply the magnetic lashes over it.

Lockdown hair, don’t care?

Since lockdown hit last year, dry shampoos have become a staple in many people’s day-to-day beauty routine. It is particularly handy on days when you feel like skipping a wash or when you still want your tresses to look fresh when you jump on that last-minute Microsoft Teams meeting.

One thing is for sure: dry shampoo is a confidence booster like no other!

COLAB Dry Shampoo for self-care
COLAB Dry Shampoo for self-care. Image: Supplied

Developed using a very fine starch, the multi-award winning COLAB Dry Shampoo, which is available at Clicks, will save you a lot of time and effort. Plus, it’s cruelty-free, against animal testing and vegan-friendly.

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Bronze up, beauty

Seeing that we’ve all largely been locked down for most of the year, chances are that there hasn’t been time to tan those legs yet.

Investing in a product that will give you a soft, natural glow might just be what you need for a bit of beach confidence for the upcoming September holiday. St. Moriz’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free Golden Glow Tanning Moisturiser consists of aloe vera and vitamin E, which leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated and it gradually builds a beautiful bronzed golden tan.

Bronze up beauty
Bronze up those legs with this product. Image: Supplied

Men also need some self-care

Self-care is not limited to ladies only. The 4th of September marked World Beard Day – a welcome reminder that full growth beards have made its comeback and even amidst lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions, men still need to be well groomed.

Clubman’s beard care product range was created by famous Parisian fragrancier, Edouard Pinaud, which means the brand has stood the test of time and therefore produces quality grooming products.

Men can smell, look and feel their best with a product like this. Consider opting for the Clubman Beard 3 Piece Kit, which includes a beard conditioner, balm and oil.

When you splurge, splurge wisely.