Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
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12 Oct 2021
5:36 pm

Anti-ageing secrets: Why aren’t Thembi Seete and co. ageing like they used to?

Kaunda Selisho

Thanks to anti-ageing secrets like skincare, a healthy diet and regular exercise, the following famous faces are ageing like fine wine.

Thembi Seete, Nico Panagio, Shannon Esra and Hlomla Dandala | Pictures" Instagram

Millennials and anyone born before 1981 all remember a time when people aged 40 and up were considered old. But thanks to anti-ageing secrets and changing social norms, what was once considered “old” has changed. 

The ongoing topic of “young-looking” celebrities recently gained some new steam when an old post by actress and musician Thembi Seete resurfaced. 

In the post, Seete shared her anti-ageing secrets, chief among which is consulting a licensed professional. 

In the post, which was sponsored, Seete tagged Dr Sandi Dyonase who does her skincare treatments. 

“I went for my first anti-ageing treatment with @drsandidyonase (Exilis and Peptide Resurfacer Peel),” wrote Seete before getting into the science of it all. 

“Skincare is part of my healthy lifestyle. It is a pretty well-known fact that you will feel better when you look better,” she added, hitting the nail right on the head. 

Skincare is among the best anti-ageing secrets in the world.

Add a healthy diet and regular exercise to that and you’ve got adults who aren’t only feeling better but also look it as well. Advancements in healthcare also mean that people are not only living longer but winning the battle against a variety of ailments and illnesses that plague people during their later years. 

Gone are the days when we, as a collective, used to get surprised by hearing someone’s age simply because they look good.

Looking good at any age is the standard now, thanks to the aforementioned anti-ageing secrets and the following famous faces prove this: 

Basetsana Kumalo 

Shudufazo Musida and Basetsana Kumalo
Shudufazo Musida and Basetsana Kumalo | Picture: Instagram

Christi and Nico Panagio 

christi and nico panagio
Nico and Christi Panagiotopoulos | Picture: Instagram

Unathi Nkayi 

Unathi Nkayi Kaya FM
Unathi Nkayi | Picture: Instagram by @ardent_one (Ignatius Shongwe)

Penny Lebyane

penny lebyane
Penny Lebyane | Picture: Instagram

Jo-Ann Strauss 

jo ann strauss
Jo-Ann Strauss | Picture: Instagram

Robert Marawa 

robert marawa
Robert Marawa | Picture: Instagram

Michelle Botes

michelle botes
Michelle Botes | Picture: Instagram

Hlomla Dandala 

Hlomla Dandala
Hlomla Dandala | Picture: Instagram

Shannon Esra

Shannon Esra
Shannon Esra | Picture: Instagram

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