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Lerato Maimela
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14 Oct 2021
5:06 pm

Daily hacks: Shave your legs with these quick and easy tricks

Lerato Maimela

In our 'Daily hacks' series, we bring you the latest beauty tips, trends and tricks to transform your life and save you money.

Woman shaving her legs, Picture: iStock

We are well into spring and will be heading into summer soon, which means that it is time to reach for those razors and shave our legs.

Shaving is a super tedious grooming process, and if you have not yet perfected it or know which products or methods to use for best results, then it can be a very painful and dreadful process.

These shaving tips and tricks will help you save some time when you do get to shaving, and they will teach you different methods which you could find to be best for your skin.

Two-way razor shave

This may be a mind-blowing hack if you were not aware that you could use your razor in this way.

Aoife O’Connor has shared a hack on her TikTok page on how to get the perfectly shaved legs every time.

In the video, she is seen using a regular razor to remove the hair off of her soapy and lathered legs, but instead of moving the razor in one motion, she moves it up and down.

The razor works perfectly when used in both directions and gets rid of any stubborn hair which may have still be on her legs if she shaved the traditional upwards way.

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Shaving under water

The My Refreshments TikTok page has shared a simple hack on how to achieve smooth, hairless legs each and every time.

In the video, the user is seen shaving her legs with a razor under water in the bath.

The warm water softens your body hair and makes it easier and smoother to remove with your razor.

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Replace shaving cream with baby oil

The Waxing & Beauty tips TikTok page has shared a shaving hack which replaces shaving cream with baby oil.

In the video, the user is seen pouring baby oil all over her leg, and then using a razor to shave the hair off her leg.

Once she is done, the result is smooth, hairless legs.

Baby oil acts as a moisturiser and protector for the skin against razors.

It can be used to soothe dry and irritated skin, especially razor bumps which usually appear after shaving.

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