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21 Oct 2021
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10 haircare and beard-grooming tips for black men

Lerato Maimela

These hair- and beard-care tips are an easy guide to starting your hair growth journey

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Men all over the world have started to invest more in their looks and physical appearance in the name of self-love and self-care, and we are here for it.

Looking for the best haircare and beauty tips can be very overwhelming as there are hundreds and thousands of blogs and articles to choose from to get all the information you are looking for.

Starting a hair- and beard-care routine can be intimidating, especially if you do not really know what it is that you are doing or looking for.

These 10 hair and beard care tips are an easy guide to starting your hair-growth journey, and can also be used for people who have been on their hair-growth journey for many years and would like some tips on how to maintain healthy hair and beards.

Shampoo less

Most store-bought shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a detergent that works well at cleaning your hair but can also tends to strip away the natural oils that your sculp produces to protect your natural hair.

Condition your hair

Using a silicone-free conditioner every time you wash your hair will help to detangle your hair and make it easier to come and style even on days where you have not washed your hair.

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Moisturise daily

Everyday is a battle to keep your hair moisturised and healthy because of factors such as dry air from the changing seasons, humidity and heating from the warmer weathers, or even caps, fedora’s and beanies you may tend to wear to complete your outfits.

Hydrating your hair on a daily basis from the sculp will help to nourish the hair that grows for the roots, and make your hair much softer so it can be easy to comb it and style it.

Choose the right products for your specific texture of hair

If you are not sure what kind of textured hair you have, and which products would work for you best then head to your local health and beauty store and ask for assistance from a shops employee who is knowledgeable on the different haircare products available to black men.

Look for products which have a lot more natural ingredients to moisturize your hair, keep it strong and healthy and also promote growth, such as coconut oil, aloe vera, olive oil, and shea butter.

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Consider using protective styles

Maintaining your natural hair can be very time consuming and very costly. A lot of effort is put into making your natural hair look great and feel great on a daily basis, nd this may demotivate you from continuing with your natural hair-growth journey.

protective styles
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Consider doing protective hairstyles such as cornrows, short braids, or locs to keep your hair protected for some time and to explore different hairstyles which you might enjoy and frequently do.

Take your supplements

Sometimes your hair-growth journey may not be progressing at your desired rate because of a nutrient deficiency. Take some supplements which have a combination of minerals and vitamins which are good for your hair-care journey.

Cover your hair at night

Covering your hair at night will ensure that the moisture in your hair is locked in and does not transfer onto your pillow and pillow cases.

Be patient with your beard

Growing your beard from scratch is a process which you cannot cheat or rush. Be patient with your beard. The average beard growth rate is 1½cm every month. In the early stages of your beard-growth journey, you may notice particular areas of your beard that appear patchy, or places that grow thicker than others. That is completely normal.

Trim your hair and beard

Trimming your hair has not been proven to actually grow your hair, but it makes your hair look and feel a lot better. Some times it is not about the growth of your hair, but rather the health and strength of you hair, which will eventually promote hair growth.

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Change your diet and exercise

Food plays a significant role in the growth of a healthy, strong hair and beard. Start eating more lean proteins, wholegrains, foods high in zinc, healthy fats, fruit and vegetables.

Also make some time to workout as exercise will increase testosterone, which in turn promotes healthy follicles and hair growth.