Daily hacks: Cup contouring, the latest beauty trend for a flawless makeup look

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Anyone who loved drawing or coloring as a child (or adult) is sure to love this new beauty tip!

TikTokers are going crazy for the ‘cup contouring’ technique as a means to obtain a flawless complexion and a perfectly contoured face.

This new method involves drawing circles – lots of circles – from the forehead to the chin, over the cheeks and the nose, then blending them in to obtain the ultimate finish.

It’s often said that contouring is child’s play, but we didn’t think that TikTokers would take it literally.

As a result, the new method that’s buzzing on the social network looks more like a kid’s pastime than a revolutionary method borrowed from the hands of the greatest makeup artists.

Nevertheless, ‘cup contouring,’ or the ‘cup contour,’ is gaining quite a following on TikTok — so much so that some videos already have millions of views. Not bad, for a bit of coloring.

Given the number of posts on this new method, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact origin of the trend.

But the user Serena Lakkiss remains, to this day, the one that has made it into a viral hit, with no less than 7.8 million views for her initial video, and nearly 700,000 for the final result — the technique having been shown in two stages.

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And it has evidently led others to follow suit on the favorite social network of Millennials and Gen Z.

But while you have to admit that the result doesn’t exactly seem revolutionary, it is nonetheless quite nice — if not mesmerizing — to watch.

To follow the process shown by Serena Lakkiss, all you need are contouring sticks — or, if you prefer, some sort of stamping tool designed to print circles after being covered in the product of your choice.

The young woman first stamps dark circles around the edges of her face, as well as on her cheekbones, nose and mouth, then repeats the same process with a lighter shade underneath, or in between, the first circles.

Finally, she applies liquid blush — still in circles — on her cheekbones, layered over the previously applied shades.

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It sounds complicated — we agree — but the video will help give you a better idea of what to do.

All that’s left to do next is blend it all in with a Beautyblender-like sponge, then apply a touch of foundation, and voilà.

However, there is one not insignificant drawback here, in that it’s hard to differentiate this technique from classic contouring when it comes to the result — other than the fact that the user will probably have spent much more time on it.

So while it’s aesthetically pleasing, there’s nothing really revolutionary about this approach to contouring.

As for the application method, it varies greatly from one user to another. Some craft ‘cup contouring’ layouts worthy of the finest works of art — or almost — by filling the face completely with circles of different sizes. It all depends on the desired result, like any other contouring technique.

All that remains now is to try it for yourself. A word of advice, though: make sure you get up early if you don’t want to be late for work. 

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