Sparkling water as setting spray? The beauty hack you never knew you needed

Forget setting sprays, sparkling water may be more effective to obtain a long-lasting makeup and a perfect complexion.

It’s easy to think we’ve seen it all on TikTok, but then the users’ overflowing imagination emerges with something even newer and more surprising. With no shortage of hacks to make their beauty routines more natural and save money, they now recommend replacing your setting spray with… sparkling water.

A beauty trick that reportedly allows makeup to stay in place throughout the day, without shine or visible pores.

Heat, sun, and even rain are some of the inconveniences that can affect how long your makeup stays in place. Nearly everyone has experienced panda eyes or a pasty or oily complexion, none of which are very attractive. What better way to deal with this than to use a setting spray on a daily basis? But that was before!

Before TikTok users decided to replace the spray with sparkling water. A solution that seems perfect for those looking to make their beauty routine more natural as well as those on tight budgets.

This bright idea was tested — and adopted — by the user @seananthonyv who, with more than 700,000 followers, shares his top beauty tips on a daily basis. In two videos published a few days apart, the TikToker gives his impressions on this discovery, and he is a convert.

The beauty addict says that his skin is more beautiful and firmer with less dilated pores and a longer-lasting makeup look.

@seananthonyv IT WORKS!!! ???????? #seananthony #makeup #viralmakeup #beauty #beautytips #sparklingwater @seananthonyv ♬ Wesside – TVEN ROMERO

This new makeup trick doesn’t require much, except for a small bottle of sparkling water of the brand of your choice and your usual makeup. According to the TikToker, you just have to transfer the sparkling water into a spray bottle, and spray your face before doing your makeup.

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Then start again once the look is completed. Nothing more to it. And the result appears to be spectacular, judging by the reaction of Sean Anthony.

It’s difficult to confirm or deny the effectiveness of sparkling water on makeup without testing it out. There is no scientific data that indicates that sparkling water is beneficial for the skin. But looking at the comments posted under the two videos, users seem to be won over as well.

“Your skin feels tight because [the sparkling water] is trapping the oils, and drying all the wetness from your face and your makeup looks amazing!” one reads. Others simply admire the result, wanting to try this beauty hack as well, while a handful even claim to have known this trick for a long time.

And as if that wasn’t enough, beauty guru Huda Kattan, through the TikTok account of her cosmetics brand Huda Beauty, has since given her approval to sparkling water as a fixing spray.

Experimenting with this beauty trick herself, the professional makeup artist also seems won over, claiming that her “skin is incredible,” and recommending the trick to her followers. Something sure to propel sparkling water into the realm of makeup must-have.

@hudabeauty Tested out sparkling water as a setting spray? IB: @Sean Anthony #hudabeauty #foryou #xyzbca #makeuphacks #viralvideo @hudabeauty ♬ original sound – Huda Beauty

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