Daily hacks: Teething hacks every mother should know

You do not have to spend a single cent on these teething hacks as you will be using things that are already in your house.

The growth stage in your baby’s life when they start teething can be a stressful and heartbreaking stage, especially because in most cases there is not much you can do to help your little bambino.

Most times, doctors may suggest getting some medication for your baby and their gums, but you may find that simple hacks might be best to get you and your baby through this painful stage.

Below are some simple and effective teething hacks which you can try at home that can help to soothe your bambino’s gums and reducing any pain or discomfort which they may feel from the teething process.

Frozen wash cloth

Add some baby food to a clean wash cloth. Wrap the wash cloth to ensure that the baby food is secure inside the cloth, and then wet the cloth and place it in the freezer.

The soft material of the wash cloth will be safe enough for your baby to chew on, while the coldness will sooth your baby’s gums.

The baby food adds flavour to the wash cloth, which will keep your baby chewing on the wash cloth until the flavour disappears.

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Silicone baby food feeder

If you have purchased a silicone baby food feeder for your baby, then that should easily help with your baby’s teething process.

Simply put some yoghurt and fruits into the feeder, pop it into the freezer, and wait for the yoghurt and fruits to freeze.

Once it has frozen, give it to your baby so they can suck and chew on it until the fruits and yoghurt melt into their mouth.

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Frozen baby milk popsicles

For a fun and delicious teething hack for you baby, pour some of your breastfeeding milk into popsicle moulds, and then freeze the milk.

Once frozen, give it to your baby to enjoy your breastmilk, while cooling and soothing their gums.

Once your baby has started eating solid foods, you can also use the popsicle moulds to make frozen purees as a summertime snack.

Frozen baby bottle

This hack is the simplest teething hack of them all.

All you need to do is add some water to your baby’s bottle, and then place the bottle upside down in your freezer to ensure that the water freezes from the bottles dummy.

Once frozen, cover the bottle with a sock and then hand the bottle over to your baby to suck and chew on the bottle to sooth their gums.

As the water melts, your baby will also get the chance to get some water into their system.

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