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Magic Mike Package: Waxing treatments for men and what they mean

Waxing has become a very popular grooming option for men - in various areas for various reasons. Here are some of the treatments available for guys...

Waxing has become a convenient and efficient grooming method for men that not only saves time, but for various other beneficial reasons as well.

Michelle Bittkau, Marketing Manager of WAXIT says waxing offers a smooth and well-groomed look by eliminating unwanted hair from different body areas. She explains that this treatment is no longer restricted to athletes or models and that waxing has gained popularity among CEOs, doctors, and everyday individuals.

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Male waxing and it’s benefits

Male waxing has experienced a surge in popularity in recent times, particularly due to the rise in manscaping practices.

“Waxing keeps you smoother for longer than shaving does and it does not leave you itchy and uncomfortable when the hair starts to grow back,” says Bittkau.

She adds that men find that waxing boosts their confidence and their hygiene.

“We are finding that men are increasingly waxing more areas than just their legs or back, such as their underarms, arms and even their nether region with a Hollywood wax,” said Bittkau.

Benefits of male waxing
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Male waxing treatments available

WAXIT, who opened their first store in 2015 is only one of several venues that offers comprehensive waxing services exclusively for men, including sensitive areas.

WAXIT’s specialised treatments address concerns like ingrown hairs and pigmentation, ensuring a smooth and confident outcome.

Among their offerings are “The Neat Nether Region”, a male equivalent of a Vajacial, and “Tidy Torso”, which targets the chest, back, or underarm areas.

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Five treatments men should explore when targeting specific focus areas and problems, and why?

Bittkau offers helpful suggestions and tips on some treatments men should try to target specific areas of concern. She also explains why these treatments are important and beneficial.

Ingrown chest hairs

Suggested Treatment: Tidy Torso – Chest & Stomach

Why: This specialised treatment is an invigorating deep cleanse for your chest and stomach to target problem areas pigmentation and ingrown hairs.

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Suggested Treatment: Hollywood Wax

Why: With this nether region wax, everything is taken off, including in-between the bum cheeks. Various salons will offer different options of waxing to your nether region which leaves some hair behind.

Get summer ready

Suggested Treatment: Magic Mike Package

Why: This package includes both a chest and stomach wax perfect for anyone who wants to feel confident in hotter weather when they find themselves outdoors or by the pool – yes, it may still be winter now, but start thinking ahead so you can begin your waxing journey now.

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Benefits of male waxing

Embarking on a waxing routine brings numerous advantages, including diminished body odour and the development of finer, softer hair.

Depending on the specific area, waxing sessions can be scheduled every 4-6 weeks. Many men discover that waxing enhances their sense of hygiene, boosts confidence, and even highlights muscle definition.

“Men are a lot more open to the idea of waxing. The usual stigma is how painful waxing is, but the benefits of waxing far out-weigh any stigmas attached to male waxing.

“Plus, men are realising how important it is to look after their skin and body to make them feel confident,” concludes Bittkau.

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