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Genevieve Vieira
1 minute read
21 Feb 2014
8:00 am

Extravagant presentation at Black Bamboo

Genevieve Vieira

With the rise in popularity of cooking shows, such as Masterchef, Top Chef, Iron Chef and Dining Downunder, chefs all over the world are getting a chance to put their skills to the test before an audience

Smoked salmon breakfast crumpet with sour cream, mixed wild mushrooms and salmon roe.

They are being challenged not only by culinary experts but by amateurs, mothers and even children. Everything counts, from the taste and texture to the plating and portions.

Few understand the concept of combining food and art as much as Head Chef of the Black Bamboo restaurant in Pretoria, Pellie Grobler. Every plate that leaves his kitchen is a masterpiece. No matter how much you want to dig in, you can’t help but feel guilty when digging your fork into his pristine presentations.

Grobler is as skilled at cooking as he is at plating. The menu is filled with sophisticated food talk and foreign words that often result in the question, “What is that?”, but every serving is as mouth-watering as the last.

The selection comprises a number of meals designed to be eaten alfresco – perfect for hot summer days – each bursting with its own unique flavours.

The portions are somehow just right if you’re going for the three-course option.

Unfortunately, the menu doesn’t provide for those simply seeking a main course on its own. That said, meals are surprisingly cheap, making it affordable to order more than one course.

The ambiance is relaxed, yet elegant, and Grobler occasionally wanders around to see if his customers are happy, which, judging from the overheard feedback, they generally are.

Among Grobler’s most delicious and popular creations is his famous upside-down lemon meringue dessert. Filled with sweetness and oozing with the flavour of braaied marshmallow, the entire experience is rather extravagant.

Grobler says, “Our ever-changing menu incorporates options for every palate, and is inspired by unique foods and delicacies with a base of familiar and accessible formats.

“It is constantly evolving using the insight gathered from our guests, as well as local and global food trends.”