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20 Jan 2021
4:44 pm

Non-alcoholic drinks to help you survive ‘Dry January’ and beyond

Citizen Reporter

If you set a goal to not drink this January or are forced to due to the booze ban, these non-alcoholic products are a must-have in your minibar.

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A “Dry January” is probably easier for some people this year after alcohol sales were banned in late December as part of adjusted level 3 lockdown regulations.

However, if you have run out of stock or intentionally decided to not drink any alcohol this January, and possibly beyond, these non-alcoholic drinks will help you beyond the end of the ban.

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Tired of the fizzy drinks, fruit juices or non-alcoholic beverages on offer, there is a range of non-alcoholic options available to previously-thirsty South Africans who aren’t “drinking”.

Here are the five non-alcoholic drink products:

Truman & Orange Abstinence

Truman & Orange introduced two new non-alcoholic spirits – Abstinence (locally-produced) and the imported Fluére.  Giving consumers more options, the spirits have been said to not compromise on flavour or ingredients.

Abstinence has three variants all inspired by the Western Cape. Blood Orange Apéritif with notes of African wormwood, cinchona bark, allspice and clove.

Abstinence Blood Orange. Picture: Supplied

The Cape Spice is simply a mix of spices and honeybush and Cape Citrus has botanicals of buchu and Western Cape citrus.


You wouldn’t think a non-alcoholic drink is a flow but choosing this is a lifestyle and Fluére –the Latin word for “flow” – matches this branding.

The non-alcoholic spirit comes in three variants: Fluére Original, Spiced Cane and Raspberry.

They all blend steam-distilled botanicals with essential oils of juniper, lavender, coriander and lemon peel,

Non-alcoholic Fluere. Picture: Supplied

Both the Fluere and Abstinence are available at PnP, Spar and Norman Goodfellows.

Rooiberg sparkling white wine non-alcoholic

Wine lovers will love this sweet non-alcoholic sparkling wine. It has the bright sparkle and fruity flavours of a true bubbly.

Rooiberg non-alcoholic sparking white wine. Picture: Screengrab

It has a blend of colombar and hanepoot. It can be purchased online here.

INAH Shiraz

Red wine drinkers would be pleased to know INAH has their own alcoholic free option. The sweet berries and fruit in INAH will please your palette.

Inah Shiraz alcohol-free wine. Picture: Screengrab

Through the unique natural extraction process, all the colour and goodness is released from the grape skins and retained in the drink.

Norah’s Valley Superior De-Alcoholised Wines – Velvet Red

The premium of non-alcoholic products is probably de-alcoholised.

Wondering what this is?

De-alcoholised wine has alcohol removed through a spinning cone technology resulting in 0.3% alcohol, less than a ripe banana (0.4% alcohol).

Norah Valley, Velvet Red. Picture: Screengrab

They usually have 50% fewer calories than alcoholic wine. Norah’s Valley, Velvet red has traditional berry fruit flavours. Click here to found out more.

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