Kaunda Selisho
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7 Dec 2021
2:14 pm

Ocean Basket joins the rest of Africa by adding whole fish to its menu

Kaunda Selisho

This fish has long been a hit in the Mediterranean and Asia and certain African countries, and now more restaurants are adding it to their menus.

Ocean Basket has added whole fish to their menu and will serve it in three ways. Picture: Supplied

As a person with Zambian roots, the concept of fish being served whole along with the head (and the eyes) is nothing new.

However, after experiencing Ocean Basket’s new summer menu items along with other South Africans, it’s easy to understand why the whole bream is a hit. 

This fish has long been a hit in the Mediterranean as well as Asia and certain African countries. However, more and more restaurants are adding it to their menus and serving it the traditional way. 

“Its dense, juicy white flesh has a satisfying meaty texture, a clean taste and a delicate flavour, making them the perfect whole fish dish,” said Ocean Basket in a statement.

ocean basket sea bream
Ocean Basket has added whole fish to their menu. Picture: Supplied

The restaurant chain is also particularly proud of the fact that this serving method not only limits the loss of healthy omega-3 fats and retains the most nutrients, but it also holds in the flavour and moisture better. 

“Most importantly, you waste less of the meat which makes cooking a fish whole far superior to fish fillets.”

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You can enjoy Ocean Basket’s sea bream one of three ways: 

  • Grilled with orange and caper sauce as well as a side of rice or veggies
  • Fried with red pepper mayo and chips 
  • Or on a platter for one served along with calamari and prawns

Bream is not the only new addition to the restaurant’s summer menu. Among the new additions are panko prawn cakes which they have described as “juicy prawn meat crumbed in a paprika panko crumb and served with a zesty mayo”.

vegetarian food
Ocean Basket vegetarian menu options. Picture: Supplied

“We have also enhanced our sushi platters with new offerings including panko zucchini or prawn, med salsa and kingklip. All the light summer flavours in a delicious mouthful of sushi rice.” 

Although it is a seafood restaurant, there are options for vegetarian diners in the form of a green supreme veg sushi platter, fresh new salads and a range of starters: avo and felafel on a bed of greens, roasted chickpeas and feta in a pan as well as halloumi loaded with med salsa. 

All this is paired with an improved selection of fantastic local wines or chilled coolers in a variety of flavours.

Click here to access the Ocean Basket menu

vegetarian sushi
Ocean Basket vegetarian sushi. Picture: Supplied