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Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
11 Nov 2015
2:32 pm

Make the heatwave Fokof with beer

Adriaan Roets

Fokof Lager will be mass produced.

It’s been a year since Fokofpolisiekar launched their own craft beer range, and now they’re back with their first on tap offer.

Just in time to ease the effects of the heat wave gripping Pretoria and Johannesburg Fokof Lager will be available from Capital Craft in Pretoria from November 13.

Fokofpolisiekar’s first beer range featured four beer styles, each named after one of the band’s near-immortal songs. Their beers Dagdronk, Antibiotika, Hemel op die Platteland and Skyn Heilig has been such a hit, that the beers are sold out. Sir Thomas Brewery, the brewery behind the beer range has also halted production.

Capital Craft is the first to stock Fokof Lager. Fans and friends can join Fokofpolisiekar at Capital Craft on November 21 when they will interact with fans – and obviously sell a few beers.

Not near Pretoria? The good news is Fokof Lager will be mass produced, so essentially the beer will soon trickle down to brew halls across South Africa soon.

Why the brouhaha over Fokof Lager? Perhaps it’s all in the taste. Here’s what to expect:

  • Aroma: Clean crisp malt character supported by a mild, spicy and slightly floral aroma of the famous noble Hallertauer Mittelfrüh hops.
  • Appearance: Pale yellow in colour and brilliantly clear. Medium white head with good retention.
  • Flavour: Very delicate malt profile with an unobtrusive hop character and low level of bitterness.
  • Mouth feel: Light in body. Medium to high carbonation level with a full flavoured mouthfeel as a result of the 100 percent malt used.

On top of the new beer, Fokofpolisiekar will be reunited for a number of shows during November