Herbal Iceman
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23 Nov 2018
4:30 pm

Herbal Iceman brings fast and effective pain relief

Herbal Iceman

What started off as a gel for horses soon became the favourite Cooling Gel used by everyone, from sports stars Orlando Pirates to the elderly.

Herbal Iceman Cooling Gel has a proud 20 year history in South Africa. What started off as a gel for horses, soon became the favourite Cooling Gel used by everyone. The slogan “If it’s good for a horse then its good enough for a human”, together with the growth in sales of ICEMAN Cooling Gel soon led to the introduction of the advanced HERBAL ICEMAN COOLING GEL with ARNICA.

Herbal Iceman contains Menthol, Arnica and Echinacea with the secret formulae of plant material extract. This perfectly combined product works directly in on the painful and inflamed area of discomfort to bring fast and effective relief.

HERBAL ICEMAN is used by the elderly for stiff joints and painful muscles associated with arthritis. It immediately reliefs the pain and assists with the better functioning of the body.

Active persons playing all sports benefits from the use of HERBAL ICEMAN to help with the recovery after exercising. The cooling effect prevents the spreading of inflammation while the Menthol, Arnica and Echinacea helps to relieve pain in the muscles and joints.

Herbal Iceman helps for sunburn and insect bites. It can be used on children without any harm done.

Testimonials include the usage of Herbal Iceman on hospital patients, skin irritations, lower back pain, menstrual pain, neck stiffness and pain and various other applications that helps to relieve pain and inflammation in the body.

Herbal Iceman now also comes in the convenient single application sachet. This sachets is affordable, easy to use, light and convenient to carry with enough gel to address the pain and inflammation for a specific area.

The Herbal Iceman Roller Massager is ideal to use while in the car or at the office. It is especially convenient and ideal for sportsmen like golfers and bikers who uses a glove and doesn’t want to get their hands wet with gel.

Herbal Iceman Cooling Gel is proud to be associated with the ORLANDO PIRATES FIVES SOCCER TEAM. We support the players with products to recover after every training session and tournament. Herbal Iceman helps with the recovery of painful muscles and joints. The Arnica and Menthol works wonderfully to get the team back into action after every game. Their success is a compliment to Herbal Iceman.

Get your Herbal Iceman at Clicks, Dischem and pharmacies.


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