Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe
3 minute read
12 Apr 2021
7:03 am

Tuberculosis remains a big problem in South Africa

Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe

It is estimated that about 1% of SA's population of about 60 million develop active TB each year – the third highest in the world.

Chest X-ray - Interstitial infiltration at left upper lung due to Mycobacterium Tuberculosis infection. Picture: iStock

  World Tuberculosis (TB) Day was on 24 March. The day builds public awareness that TB remains an epidemic in much of the world, causing the deaths of several million people each year, mostly in third-world countries. TB is a serious infectious disease that mainly affects your lungs but can be found in other organs of the body. The bacteria that cause it are spread through tiny droplets released into the air via coughs and sneezes. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), South Africa is one of the countries with the highest burden of TB. It is estimated that...