Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
4 minute read
1 Jun 2022
10:58 am

Mark Pilgrim says rebounding has been instrumental in his fight against cancer

Renate Engelbrecht

Rebounding (exercising on a trampoline) might just be one of the best preventative tools for cancer.

Rebounding for cancer. Image: iStock

According to wellness and fitness expert, Lisa Raleigh, exercise can reduce your chances of getting cancer by 42% which is why she believes one should incorporate it into one’s daily life, whether you have cancer or not. We also speak with Mark Pilgrim, who is currently living with cancer. Considering its effects on draining your lymphatic system, rebounding is a no-brainer. “Take your lymph seriously,” she says. What is your lymphatic system? Mark Pilgrim explains the lymphatic system is the 'creepy crawly' of your body, but it doesn’t have a natural pump. You have to use gravity to get it...