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By Hein Kaiser


7 kinky sex tips you and your partner have to try

Sex is great for stress relief and creativity and pushing the boundaries between the sheets is a must for every adventurous couple. 

It’s not exactly been a time of sexy. Since lockdown last year, sex has come with a whole new set of strings attached –  sanitising, masks and in some cases, abstinence. 

Safe sex has taken on a whole new meaning, but there’s no reason why couples shouldn’t enjoy some innovation time in the bedroom. After all, sex is great for stress relief and creativity and pushing the boundaries between the sheets is a must for every adventurous couple. 

Here are 7 ideas to test drive with your lover.

Kink the ordinary

Try new things that turn you on. Whisper them in your partner’s ear and act them out.  Is it the feeling of latex on your skin or intentional submission while being handcuffed to the fridge while your partner goes down on you? Perhaps a little spank after work can lead to some naughty action or a lap dance from your partner while binge-watching something sexy on Netflix could be the answer. Go left-of-centre, here, and see where your kinky journey can take you.

Picnic your G-spot

It’s summer and there are plenty of great picnic spots and parks where sunny weekends with some wine and snacks can turn into some sexy affection. Make sure you both wear some loose clothes, take a small blankie with to hide the obvious and find a shady, grassy spot not too close but not too far from other weekenders. Full sex may not be an option but there is nothing sexier or more thrilling than slipping your hand between your partner’s skin and slacks for a bit of hand-loving. Use the blankie for cover and don’t wear undies, it makes life a bit easier.

Join a virtual sex party

Since lockdown, these online events have become very popular. It’s like living in an adult movie and sharing some sexy time with others. If that’s not your bag, film yourselves having sex and upload it to Make Love Not Porn where subscribers can enjoy your antics to their voyeuristic delight while you bank some bucks at the same time.

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Toys are great

Vibrators should be the standard for any bedroom. But for some real adventurous sex, load up some extra sex paraphernalia at an adult store. Make sure to swipe for some lube though. Your basket of tricks should include some anal beads, ben-wa balls that she could wear all day, a remote-control egg vibrator that you can turn on and off at will, nipple clamps, a cock ring and a penis vibrator.

Decadent dinner for two

Not everyone’s sex-drive is up for a threesome or swinging, but a sexy dinner for two where each partner has a personal, naughty server is something else entirely. Cook up a storm or have it catered, and each person is served by a good-looking member of their gender preference. Each course sees the server appear in less clothing until dessert, served naked, followed by an all over body touch and sexy time with no strings attached. You’ll never have to see them again, but have the fun of seeing your partner pleasured, and having mind blowing sex together afterwards.

Sexy weekend away

Go on a weekend break together and sneak into the resort pool late at night for a double-dip. While most pools may be somewhat lit ruling out skinny dipping, there’s no reason you cannot ditch your bottoms, find a semi-lit corner somewhere and sex it up. It’s the thrill of getting caught in a public place, the texture of the water and the audacity of the moment that gets you coming, every time.

Get touchy

Take sex off the table and turn the day into a masturbation day. Make a pact and get one another coming and going all day, in various situations. From shopping on a Saturday and taking time out for finger action through to getting it on at a braai, in a movie, in the car on the way somewhere or just on the stoep at sunset in the garden. Touch, touch and touch.

There’s so much naughty to be had and all it requires is a little will power, some imagination and a lot of implementation. Take the lead and add some thrill to your sex life. You won’t be sorry.

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