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How Connie Ferguson’s fitness journey helped her fans

Fans thanked Connie Ferguson for the reminder to keep going on their fitness journey after she shared how it helps her with her mental health.

Connie Ferguson is one of South Africa’s most beloved actresses. As a result, anything she touches often turns to gold.

People are so enamoured with the actress that they support any and everything she ventures into.

For years, one of her many interests has been her health and fitness and while one may assume her reasons for working out are purely cosmetic, Connie recently reminded people that her fitness routine serves a deeper purpose.

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“Exercise is good for so many different reasons, but the reason I commit even when I don’t feel like it, is because of its effect on my mental health! It’s been years that I’ve been off antidepressants, and even in the most challenging times, I managed to stay off. Wake up, PRAY, exercise and go about your day,” shared Connie.

Some years ago, she even opened another Instagram account using the handle @iconniecfit that is dedicated solely to her fitness content.

Connie being open about her mental health and the tools she uses to manage her challenges prompted her followers to not only thank her for the reminder but share their own experiences as well.

Fellow actresses Winnie Ntshaba and Brenda Mhlongo were among the people inspired by Connie’s post.

“As I prepare to go for it,” wrote Winnie while Brenda added “Yes sis. Thank you for motivating me to keep going.”

“Thank you Connie, I am on 20mg Antidepressants and started running again recently, it’s been great. Thank you for this beautiful reminder, added Instagram user @andanhadekortje.

“Worked out every day this week after a long time. Every time I wanted to quit, I thought about you and couldn’t let myself stop. Just cause I saw you in my mind saying: ‘YOU DO NOT STOP NOW! Keep going!'” added her personal jeweller @icerock_diamonds.

“I will always be thankful for you to help me with this fitness journey mommy,” commented @lizzylethoko.

“Thanks for sharing your testimony. God bless you. So much stigma around mental health issues. And of course, the 4th thing I do is to nourish and strengthen my inner man through feeding myself with his word, have a personal relationship with him,” added @thereal_gagaga.

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