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An orgasm before work has a stronger energy kick than caffeine

Doing it before work and waking up a few minutes earlier to make it happen, can have a positive impact on your day ahead.

Forget about a cup of coffee first thing in the morning or a can of your favourite energy drink halfway through the day. An orgasm a day can give you a better energy boost than many other pick-me-ups.

Whether receiving from a partner or doing it yourself, the stress relief and feel-good afterglow properties of an orgasm are undisputable. Doing it before work and waking up a few minutes earlier to make it happen, can have a positive impact on your day ahead.

“Sexual pleasure releases the feel-good hormones dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin among others,” says Dr Jonathan Redelinghuys of Medicare24.

“These chemicals contribute a great deal toward a feeling of wellness and the logic of a quick orgasm in the morning, before work, as a physical and psychological prep for the day, stands to reason.”

Orgasms at work

Many people have also admitted masturbating during work hours to take the edge off instead of resorting to energy drinks and other ways to reduce stress.

“There is no doubt that an orgasm can deliver a great sense of wellbeing, but discretion and cognisance of fellow staffers must be foremost on your mind. It may not be viewed as a favourable practice by employers and colleagues. Keep it very private,” said Dr Redelinghuys.

Masturbation has become the stress therapy of the 21st Century, with a growing number of experts suggesting it as a natural means of managing a stressful lifestyle. This is a personal tool, so to speak, and selfish in nature which means that the pressure of delivering to a partner is diminished.

“All the attention is on the self, and becoming more body positive along the way. After all, we need to be attractive to ourselves, and love ourselves. It is an important aspect of personal psychological growth, too,” said Dr Redelinghuys.

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A sexual buzz can do wonders for creativity and energy while also dampening a measure of aggression in the workplace.

The good news is that there are also other naughty tools that people can use to either keep the buzz going or, to create a spark that eventually leads to an orgasm. Sexual tension, even if we just create it for ourselves, can be a powerful tool to drive productivity and ticking off items on a long to-do list.

“Having a healthy libido and being able to express one’s sexual identity in an appropriate manner plays a big part in overall psychological wellbeing,” he noted.

Ways to shift yourself onto a more sexually heightened plane can be simple, and non-offensive to colleagues and employers. Daydreaming for a minute and using your favourite fantastic to turn you on can be a quick, rapid access to sexual energy at your desk. It’s something nobody will notice, but it can change your mood and your level of consciousness in an instant.

Playful behaviour, again, centred around the self, can also give you a bit of a boost or an all-day buzz. This could include going to work commando, your own little secret, being naked under a pair of pants or a skirt. It’s a potential activity that could keep you on a heightened level of awareness for the day, and change your behaviour slightly, which in turn could influence others, too.

“Whatever you choose to do,” said Dr Redelinghuys, “it is fun and rewarding to experiment with sexual energy. Because it can provide several wellness and health benefits while at the same time aiding to sharpen your mind and unwind stress.”

So next time, don’t reach for a cup of caffeine when you can grab a good time, instead.

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