Siya and Rachel Kolisi’s back to school pic is the best thing!

All five of the kids in the Kolisi household are not impressed.

If there is one feeling all parents, especially the moms feel today, is RELIEF.

Yep, its back-to-school time, which means that moms can start engaging in activities that make their souls happy. They can catch up on all those fun things like Netflix binging and sleep.

For Rachel, it was sitting in a half-empty pool with an inflated unicorn with a bottle of champagne.

That face says it all.

The jubilation on her face and her body language are all in sync. She is looking forward to a day with the absence of the kids. All of them. Including Siya Kolisi (big baby, maybe).

Then the kid’s faces, even though we don’t get to see many of them, are also telling a story. The disappointment is evident but mama does not care.

Her picture was inspired by another mama, whose kids were almost in tears as she snapped the shot. Those kids did not want to be in that picture. Like Rachel, mama does not care.

Sitting on 16K likes in a little over an hour, people, mostly moms, absolutely love the picture. Some even say it is better than the original. This is the case because she included the big baby in the mix. That is classic!

This is the best thing we have seen on the internet today.

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