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Year-end fatigue kicking your butt? Here’s how to give it that one final push

From looking after your mental health to looking after your physical health, here are some ideas for how to beat that year-end fatigue.

Having just come out of the worst of a two-year health crisis thanks to the pandemic, South Africans don’t seem to be catching a break. Having to deal with load shedding, water shedding, petrol price hikes and the increased cost of living, over and above our already stressful lives we’re all feeling the year-end fatigue that usually comes just before “the most wonderful time of the year”.

“Between working all day, eating on the run, and having little time to relax, it’s normal to feel exhausted sometimes. However, always feeling worn out isn’t healthy and can leave you less productive and less happy.

“That’s why it’s important to take some time out for yourself, especially towards the end of the year,” commented Clere skin care’s brand manager Su-Marie Annandale.

As a long-time advocate and supporter of self-care, self-love, and strong, independent women, Clere understands that time should always be set aside for self-love and care.

“If you’re battling with daily burnout, you may need to take some steps to recharge your battery,” said Annandale, who provides the following ideas for how to beat that year-end fatigue.

Recharge yourself physically

Taking good care of your body can make it easier to recharge your mind. Being stressed can take a toll on your body. Help recharge your body with the following activities:

1. Pamper yourself – There’s nothing like a soak in a bubble bath to relax you. Keep the pampering going after your bath by applying a moisturising crème or lotion like Clere’s. Clere’s Vanilla Honey Cream and Berries & Cream body lotions, enriched with tissue oil and pure glycerine, help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and moisturise the skin. Remember to apply it morning and night, even in summer.

2. Change your diet – Your energy levels are impacted by what you eat. Experts recommend a mix of complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains and starchy vegetables, with lean proteins and healthy fat at each meal. It’s possible to cook and eat nutritious meals, even if you have a busy schedule and find yourself fighting year-end fatigue.

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3. Exercise – When you’re very exhausted, it can be tempting to just sit in front of the TV after a long day. However, that usually makes you feel more tired. Instead of sitting down to recharge, try getting up and moving around. Walking or biking — even just for 20 minutes — can leave you feeling energised for hours.

4. Get more sleep – Sleep is the ultimate body recharger. Experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night for healthy adults ages 26 to 64. Getting fewer than six hours of sleep per night is a risk factor for burnout at work and that overall feeling from year-end fatigue.

Recharge mentally

When it comes to recharging your personal battery, it’s important to pay attention to your mind. Thinking about the things that stress us out often makes it harder to recharge. Here are some things you can do to soothe and energise your mind:

1. Make a list of your accomplishments – It’s common to feel like you can’t keep up or are not doing enough. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, write down a short list of your accomplishments. This can give you motivation and energy to move forward.

2. Let go of past mistakes – A common source of stress comes from focusing on past mistakes. Help let go of the past by focusing on your goals for the future.

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3. Do something fun – Having fun is an important part of staying mentally healthy. Going away for the weekend, seeing old friends, or going out can all help make you feel better and beat that year-end fatigue slump.

4. Take breaks from things and people that bring you down – If certain people or situations have you feeling down, take a break from them. This could mean putting certain relationships on hold until you have the energy to deal with them.

5. Spend time with close friends and family – Good people radiate good energy. Recharge by spending more time with people who boost you up.

6. Take a break from technology – Others’ lives often seem ‘perfect’ on social media, but they rarely are. Feeling like you must live up to a certain expectation can be draining. Put social media on pause.

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Compiled by Kaunda Selisho

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