How to fall and stay in love with your body

When last did you look at yourself in the mirror without wishing your body did not look the way it did?

Sadly, most of us tend to look at aspects of our body negatively.

Being bombarded with so many images of ‘thin’ women in magazines and billboards every day, many women end up feeling like there is something wrong with them. Nobody chooses to look the way they do.

But, your body is unique, so love it! Nobody has a body like yours – you are an elite designer creation. Know it, own it!

How do you do this?

Embrace your uniqueness

The first life-changing thing you can do for yourself is to embrace your uniqueness. Embrace that you are different, fall in love and stay in love with your body.

Imagine if we all looked the same? How boring that would be! The things that most people see as imperfections in society, like the size of your body, are actually unique features given especially to you. So embrace and love your body.

You are not a creation malfunction

The fact that we are bombarded with views of what fashion and big businesses deem the ‘perfect’ body size to be, is why so many of us now have body issues.

We hate our bodies because they do not ‘look’ the way the world tells us our bodies should look.

You are not some kind of creation malfunction or mistake, so there is no need to feel abnormal.

Live according to your own standards

The size of your thighs or shape of your breasts should not determine how you see yourself.

Never live according to other people’s standards, but set your own standards. If you are comfortable in your own skin, then that is far more important than someone else’s opinion of the size of your body.

The truth is that size does not matter. I will say it again, size does not matter! There are many size twos out there who are not happy with their bodies and there are also many plus-size women who are in love with their bodies and comfortable in their own skin. Therefore, it is not a matter of what size you are, but whether you are comfortable in your own skin.

Fall in love and stay in love with your body!

Maintain a healthy lifestyle and be happy and comfortable with who you are. You are gorgeous, sexy, incredible, and no one should tell you otherwise!

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