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Manhood myth-busting

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is on the rise among men of all ages – often leading to low self-esteem and strained relationships.

The most common cause of ED is damage to the arteries, smooth muscles and fibrous tissues. Other causes range from disturbances in normal body functioning due to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, heart conditions or nervous disorders. Smoking cigarettes, use of drugs and alcohol further add to erection problems.

According to Litha Pharma, the makers of nature-based supplement Rock-Hard Weekend, there are many myths around ED. Here are a few common misconceptions and facts:

Myth: ED is just a normal part of growing older and men have to live with it.

Fact: Although ED is more common among older men, it is not a normal part of the aging process and should be viewed as a medical problem that requires a medical solution.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction doesn’t affect younger men.

Fact: Yes, ED is more common in men over 75, but men of any age can develop erectile problems.

Myth: There is nothing dangerous about ED.

Fact: ED itself is not dangerous but it is a warning of underlying health issues that can be serious such as diabetes, heart problems such as hypertension (high blood pressure) or atherosclerosis, as well as hormone imbalances and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. See your GP if you experience persistent ED.

Myth: If you have trouble getting an erection, it’s because you’re not attracted to your partner.

Fact: Lack of sexual attraction may be a reason for erection problems; however it’s more likely to be something else. ED can be caused by:

  •  Heart problems, such as high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.
  •  Diabetes – between 35% and 50% of men with diabetes experience ED.
  •  Prescription drugs such as medications for blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.
  •  Neurological disorders, like Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.
  •  Hormonal imbalances.
  •  Mood or emotional problems such as stress, anxiety, and depression.
  •  Lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.
  •  Certain types of prostate and bladder surgery.

Myth: If I have ED, I have very little option to resolve this.

Fact: There are many effective options for treating ED. However, lifestyle changes may help improve your sexual potency such as not smoking, leading a healthy lifestyle and decreasing alcohol intake.

Myth: Erectile dysfunction only has an effect on men.

Fact: ED can cause feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and low self-esteem, and can lead to depression or aggressiveness. As a result, personal, family and business relationships may also be adversely affected if it is left untreated.

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