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You can now listen to WhatsApp voice notes faster

WhatsApp rolled out the voice note update for both Android and iPhone users. Here's how it works.

WhatsApp is making a welcome change, particularly for people who are fond and not so fond of lengthy voice notes. 

WhatsApp has rolled out an update for both Android and iPhone users for their voice note feature.

The social media giant implemented the changes on Friday and is designed for people who are disgruntled when a friend, family member or even a colleague decides to send lengthy voice messages, unprovoked. 

Whatsapp Voice Note changes

The voice note changes on WhatsApp include speeding up the voice notes to listen to the story faster.

You can also listen and text others at the same, something many users will be pleased about, easily multi-tasking on the app. 

The next feature includes being able to pause the voice note and continue when you are ready. The days of starting over and deleting the recording isnt necessary.

The update has been officially rolled out.

WhatsApp in the workplace

WhatsApp has become synonymous with business communication and Kavita Kooverjee, Senior Professional Assistant at Schoemanlaw Inc warned how employers needed to work around the app.

In an article shared on legal information portal GoLegal, Kooverjee warns that although WhatsApp is a convenient tool of communication in the workplace, it does come with its problems.

According to Kooverjee, an employee does not have to respond or be messaged during non-working hours or days.

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“An employee should not be expected to be available 24 hours a day to an employer, and employers should not feel free to contact employees whenever they want,” said Kooverjee.

“But we all know emergencies do emerge and sometimes communicating on WhatsApp can ease the situation very quickly.

“So, using WhatsApp messaging for work does have some perks.”

According to Kooverjee, the Cybercrimes Act does create offences for threats to people, categories of people and property through data messaging.

“This also includes sending personal work data to people outside of work through WhatsApp,” he said.

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