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Compiled by Jacqui Bester and Tamlyn Jolly

WATCH: Parent protests over Grantleigh school’s ‘satanic’ artwork

An 'upset' Christian father took to social media with a video after viewing the display at his child's school.

A Grantleigh learner’s artwork has come under fire from the Christian sector after his work was interpreted as mocking Jesus and Christianity, reports Zululand Observer.

Grantleigh is an independent school and a member of the Curro Group catering for students from Grade RRR through to Grade 12. The school has a Christian ethos and is set in a tranquil country environment offering old world values with new world standards.

A father took to Facebook after witnessing what he called a disgrace. This was in relation to a matric artwork that was displayed during their final prize-giving, which disturbed him, since there were numerous religious themes, including the portrayal of God and Jesus as clowns, ripped up pages from the Bible, goat horns and demons, to name a few.


There were divergent opinions on the video, and the school released a statement saying they were investigating.

School statement by Charles Cilliers on Scribd

Facebook - Grantleigh school 1
Facebook - Grantleigh school 2
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Operational Head of the College Juriana Filmalter has since responded on Facebook.

Filmalter said that the art exhibition was not open for all students to view, and that the display contained a warning that it may not be photographed, and that the rationale of the artwork needed to be read to “put the art into perspective”.

In addition, Filmalter saud that the student who created the artworks was the dux learner, and had an achieved an array of academic accolades.

Juriana Filmalter’s response to the artworks. Image: Facebook

(Compiled by Jacqui Bester)

Additional reporting by Tamlyn Jolly

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