Tara Parker-Pope
2 minute read
21 Oct 2019
5:04 pm

Tips for having nourishing family meals

Tara Parker-Pope

Large plates, big popcorn buckets, big glasses and deep round bowls make portions look smaller and prompt us to eat more.

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The magic of the family table comes from the conversation and connection between parents and children, but it’s also important to serve nourishing food, model healthful eating habits and avoid food battles. Childhood health experts say the best advice for improving a child’s diet is simply putting healthful food on the table and sitting down together to eat it. Here are some strategies for serving delicious, healthful food that everyone will eat. BUILD YOUR OWN Everybody at the table, including the parents, has likes and dislikes. Why not make it easier on everyone and create buffet-style build-your-own meals? Foods that...