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Renate Engelbrecht
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25 Nov 2021
5:01 pm

Home décor trends for 2022 to create a zen living space

Renate Engelbrecht

As the year draws to a close, most of us are starting to plan for 2022. Whether it’s for our homes or for work or for the combination of the two, here are the colours of the year you should know about.

Plascon's colour combination for 2022. Image: Supplied

The past two years have had a huge impact on décor trends and how we make our living spaces more homy, especially with work and play in many instances now largely happening from home.

According to Taryn Swanepoel from The Silk and Cotton Co, the overpowering trends for 2022 will include green and neutral tones.

“Neutral tones never go out of style,” she says, “but for 2022, we will see more of this colour palette in interiors and exteriors.”

In light of the working-from-home trend, people are leaning toward creating more zen spaces in their homes, which is why natural, earthy colours with a pop of green will go a long way in 2022.

The Silk and Cotton Co
The Silk and Cotton Co says neutral and natural are the trends for 2022. Image: Supplied

Swanepoel also says that after months of being stuck inside and working from home, bringing the outdoors indoors will continue to be a trend in 2022.

“Green tones and nature-inspired décor is a big trend for 2022.”

Good for the soul

Blue has always been known as the colour carrying calmness. Dulux’s colour for 2022 is exactly that – an airy, light blue that is fresh, open and good for the soul.

Called ‘Bright Skies™’, it reflects the limitless skies around us, bringing a hint of nature inside and it brings a feeling of release and revitalisation with a breath of fresh air.

Helen van Gent, Creative Director of AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetic Centre, says: “In 2022, Bright Skies™ will help us embrace new ideas and shape a new future.”

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Dulux colour of the year 2022
Dulux colour of the year. Image: Supplied

Dulux colour expert Palesa Ramaisa says the versatile colour and its palettes can be used to define zones in multipurpose spaces, bring a sense of nature indoors, create a soothing atmosphere or encourage a sense of unity.


Plascon has put together a colour combination for 2022, which works in a 60:30:10 ratio. Their dominant colour for 2022 is called ‘Plascon Pear Fantacy’, a soft, yellow-green which makes for a modern, neutral shade while also being comfortingly familiar. It captures the soothing calm of a sandy shore at sunrise, which ties in well with the theme of wanting to create a calm atmosphere in your home in the upcoming new year.

‘Plascon Desert Water’ comes in as the second colour of the colour combination and was inspired by the sunlit surface of tranquil water. It’s subtle, yet impactful and complements the dominant colour in the combination perfectly.

The third colour in the ratio is called ‘Plascon Zanzibar’ – a soft, grounded colour that epitomises the fresh soil and majestic tree trunks on an early morning trail, bringing things full circle when it comes to the overall theme of natural and neutral for 2022.

Plascon colour of the year combination
Plascon’s colour of the year combination screams grounded. Image: Supplied

Suvasin Moodley, Plascon’s Head of Marketing, says: “Often, trends that filter down to us from Europe or the USA are designed for that context, and not an African reality. Here, we are bringing together colours that reflect the way we live here, and that are created with Africa in mind.”

This colour combination explores various elements of nature, bringing one back to the soil of Africa.

The colours and décor trends for 2022 seem to be focused largely around grounding oneself, finding comfort in your home, creating peaceful spaces and bringing nature indoors.