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12 Jan 2022
4:28 pm

Daily hacks: Three cleaning hacks you have to try

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Freshly cleaned kitchen and home. Picture: iStock

With it being the beginning of a new year, many people are in the process of clearing out their homes. Spring cleaning the house can be a perfect way to welcome in a new environment and fresh start.

Instagram’s favourite cleaning hacks mom, Carolina McCauley, has taken to social media to share three amazing home cleaning hacks which will help you freshen up your home and home appliances which you use on a daily basis.

Cleaning your shower doors

The first hack is a bathroom tip to get your shower glass doors looking squeaky clean and spotless.

Carolina starts off by spraying some dish washing soap as well as vinegar onto her shower doors. She then makes use of a scrubbing sponge to scrub the shower doors thoroughly, before rinsing off the soap and vinegar with water.

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Cleaning a kettle

Most people believe that the kettle will always remain clean because of the hot water which constantly boils in the kettle when it is in use, but this is not entirely true.

The next hack Carolina shares is a way to clean your kettle inside to get rid of the stains, marks or germs which may be present in the kettle.

She starts off by pouring a cup of vinegar into the kettle and then allows it to sit in the kettle for some time, before boiling the kettle with the vinegar inside and then pouring it out once it has completely boiled.

Drying your dishes in a dishwasher

This hack is perfect for people who cannot stand taking out dishes from their dishwashers which are still wet and dripping before placing them into the kitchen cupboards.

Carolina suggests placing a dish towel over the dishwasher door, ensuring that almost half of the dish towel is in the dishwasher while the other half lies outside the door.

This hack will ensure that the dish towel absorbs any extra water once the washing cycle is done and will ensure that the dishes inside the dishwasher are dry at the end of the washing cycle.