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‘Mansions, cars, debt’: What would you do with the R68m Lotto jackpot?

SA Lottery posed this question on Friday, and South Africans had no shortage of ideas.

It’s Saturday! And that means it is Phanda Pusha Play time. Today’s Lotto jackpot is a life-altering R68 million, and the National Lottery wants to know how you’ll spend it.

But first, you can’t win if you don’t play, so pick your numbers wisely before you start planning how to spend those riches.

R68m Lotto jackpot

Today’s draw is for an estimated R68 million Lotto jackpot and all you need to do is match six numbers.

Meanwhile, Lotto Plus 2 has an estimated jackpot of R9 million, and matching the correct numbers for the Lotto Plus 2 draw could make you R3 million richer.

And if you miss your chance tonight, the next Powerball draw will take place on 23 August for a staggering R52 million, while the Powerball Plus draw is an estimated R12 million.

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How to spend R68 million?

SA Lottery posed this question on Friday, and South Africans had no shortage of ideas. A large number of netizens said they’ll either buy a new house or renovate their current home.

Others would like to settle their debt, as well as buy homes or vehicles for their family members. A PlayStation 5 was also mentioned!

A few others say they just need to get away from the stresses of everyday life first by going on a long vacation or travelling the world.

How to play Lotto

You can purchase your ticket online by creating an online lottery account and making a deposit to pay for tickets.

Then simply choose your numbers on each board or opt for the Quick Pick method to receive random numbers.

Apart from purchasing tickets in-store, you can also play via South Africa’s major banks, including First National Bank (FNB), Standard Bank and Nedbank.

Simply log into your online bank account, select “Buy” or “Play Now” from the Lotto and Powerball menu. Then choose numbers manually or select Quick Pick before selecting “Buy” and “Confirm”.

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