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Measles cases in Mpumalanga on the increase

The Mpumalanga Department of Health urged parents and caregivers to get their children immunised against measles.

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) said in a statement on February 10 that 91 laboratory-confirmed measles cases had been reported since the outbreak was declared on November 11.

On February 2, 86 cases were reported. In the statement, the NICD said the people’s age in these cases across Mpumalanga ranged from four months to 60 years.

Of the 91 cases, 65 had an unknown vaccination status, nine were vaccinated and 17 were unvaccinated.

According to the NICD, any person of any age who is not vaccinated can catch measles and develop the disease. The age of cases across the province ranged from four months to 60 years. The most affected age group by the outbreak is one to four, with an attack rate of 7.45 per 100 000 persons.

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The Department of Health’s spokesperson, Dumisani Malamule, said, “The department is on high alert and has put strategies in place to contain and prevent the further spread of the outbreak.”

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The department urged parents to get their children immunised and take them to the nearest health facility if they see any symptoms.

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