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Off-duty police officer shot dead in KaNyamzane

A manhunt has been launched for a man in connection with the murder of an off-duty police captain who was shot and killed at a KaNyamazane carwash.

An off-duty Nelspruit police captain (44) was killed during a shoot-out at a KaNyamazane carwash on Saturday night, January 13.

The Mpumalanga Directorate for Priority Crime Investigations’ (Hawks) spokesperson, Captain Dineo Sekgotodi, said the captain had taken his vehicle to the carwash on Saturday. She said while he was waiting for his car to be washed, another vehicle reportedly bumped into his.

Sekgotodi said the captain and the person who bumped into his vehicle discussed the matter in the presence of a police sergeant who was with the captain at the time of the incident.

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“An agreement was made for payment of R5 000 for the repairs of the damages,” Sekgotodi said.

She said it is further alleged that the sergeant drove the car belonging to the man who had bumped into the captain’s vehicle to the captain’s parents’ house, pending the payment. It is alleged the vehicle’s owner had agreed to this.

The police sergeant then left the captain and the man at the carwash and went home.

“It is alleged that an argument ensued between the suspect and the deceased. When the sergeant came back, he found the police captain shot.

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“According to witnesses, it is alleged that during the argument, the suspect had taken out the firearm and shot at the deceased,” she said.

The captain died as a result of the injuries.

She said the sergeant then tried to apprehend the suspect, but that he was fired upon, too. There was an exchange of gunfire between the two before the man fled the scene on foot.

“Preliminary investigation was conducted by a team comprising of the Nelspruit Hawks Serious Organised Crime Investigation Unit, the Mpumalanga Provincial Organised Crime Unit, Nelspruit Crime Intelligence and the Local Criminal Record Centre,” she said.

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“The police are requesting anyone with information which can lead to the arrest of the perpetrator to contact the investigating officer, Captain Mduduzi Comfort Mkhonza, on 082 304 0052. All information received will be treated with confidentiality.

“The police are also requesting that Sibusiso Maseko from Marite, whom they believe can assist them in solving the murder case, to come forward by contacting Captain Mkhonza or reporting to his nearest police station,” she said.

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