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Furry friends have fun in dog show in Mbombela

The dog show was hosted to support SPCA Nelspruit with dog and cat food, which was donated by the participants to enter the competition.

Locals showed off their adorable pups at the Fun Dog Show at the Market at Friends on Sunday February 25 – graceful oldies, those with short hair and those with silky soft long hair.

The show was supported by locals and organisations passionate about dogs, in support of SPCA Nelspruit. To enter the show, participants brought dog and cat food to donate to this branch.

Lexi, Dean Vieira and Lize Pienaar.

Five dogs won in each of five categories, and each won a gift pack that included a toy, dog treats and a healthcare voucher courtesy of Van Wijk Street Animal and Avian Hospital, the Nelspruit Animal Hospital and the West Acres Animal Hospital.

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One of the organisers, Martin Jeffrey, said the show was a success despite it being the first, and despite the hot weather experienced in Mbombela during the day. “We had support from locals and organisations. We hope this will attract more participants when we host more of these in the future,” he said.

Karen Lotter, Seuz and Lize Pienaar.

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