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Fifth annual Camp Quality: A heart-warming journey of hope and fun

The White River community recently provided five joys of enjoyment to some children battling cancer or in remission.

The Rotary Club of White River hosted its fifth annual Camp Quality in March, with Pediatric Care Africa (PCA) also involved in the initiative.

The camp provided five days of fun and laughter for children suffering from cancer, some in remission, as they camped out at Uplands College and took part in various activities in the Lowveld.

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The camp was attended by 38 children between the ages of eight and 13.

Despite some rainy weather, the children’s spirits could not be dampened, and they had a wonderful five days. They visited Care for Wild and Elephant Whispers, learnt about snakes, played team-building games, painted their own T-shirts and spent hours having fun on the bouncy castles.

Two teachers and learners of Uplands College and Fundinjobo High School gave up their school holidays to assist the Rotarians with these children.

“Many of the children will cherish this experience for life and perhaps see there is hope and a great future for them to dream of,” said the PCA.

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