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WATCH: Heart-warming moment as learner with cerebral palsy scores a try at Penryn-Uplands Derby

Penryn and Uplands, two rival schools in the Lowveld, demonstrated on Saturday April 20 that rugby can unite even the fiercest rivalries for the greater good.

This past weekend, on April 20, the U16 rugby boys of Penryn and Uplands touched the hearts of Lowvelders and proved that sport can truly unite.

Cameron Meyer, who has cerebral palsy, was supported and celebrated by his friends and Penryn teammates, and by the Uplands players, as he scored a try.

“It’s a poignant reminder of the unifying power of sport,” said Keagan du Preez, coach of the U14 and U16 rugby teams and a teacher at Penryn.

He describes Cameron, a Grade 10 learner of Penryn College, as an extraordinary individual, despite the challenges posed by cerebral palsy. “He’s incredibly committed, attending every rugby practice and simply wanting to be involved,” Du Preez added.

Du Preez, understanding the cultural and unifying aspects of sports, arranged for Cameron to participate in the game, with enthusiastic support from Uplands.

Inspired by Cameron’s dedication, he orchestrated a special opportunity for him to score a try alongside his teammates in the 2024 Penryn-Uplands Derby on Saturday April 20.

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Carried by his teammates, Cameron scored this try.

For Du Preez, witnessing the Uplands boys’ celebration with Cameron was truly special.

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