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Man killed and two hospitalised from collision on N4

The accident involving a light delivery vehicle and SUV took place near the Sudwala turn-off just before midday, May 17.

A man lost his life from a head-on collision involving his light delivery vehicle towing a trailer and an SUV on the N4 between Schagen and Sudwala intersections today, May 17.

According to Emer-G-Med’s Martin Jeffrey, who responded to the scene, they found the man entrapped in this vehicle.

“He was extricated using the Jaws of Life. During the extrication, the patient went into cardiac arrest and despite all resuscitation efforts, he succumbed to his injuries on the scene. The other driver [of the SUV] was assessed, treated and transported by Emer-G-Med to a private hospital for further medical treatment. His passenger was also transported to a hospital by another emergency medical service provider.”

The SUV involved in the collision on the N4.

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According to TRACN4, the scene has since been cleared.

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