Video: Behind the NSPCA dog fight ad

Watch an exclusive interview with the agency behind the NSPCAs controversial dog fight campaign that went viral on social media.

Joburg Today TV met with Fran Luckin, creative director at Grey Advertising and the mastermind behind this controversial yet thought-provoking campaign, to shed some more light on the process behind the dog fight initiative held on Monday, 27 June in Johannesburg.

An illegal advertisement spotted on William Nicol Drive in Bryanston on Monday, provoked massive outrage among animal lovers.


Many people took to social media to voice their outrage and to find the so-called culprits in the bakkie, advertising the illegal event. The picture and its content went viral, prompting people to seek urgent answers from authorities. Two of our sister publications, The Sandton Chronicle and Randburg Sun, informed and updated readers about the incident, even when answers were difficult to come by.

Senior Inspector for the special investigation unit at the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA), Nadia Hansa however stated: “We have received a lot of angry calls from a lot of angry people regarding the issue. We are currently investigating.”

At 2 o’clock on Monday afternoon, the NSPCA posted the following on their official Facebook page:

As with any controversial post on social media, this campaign incited many mixed reactions, as can be seen here on the NSPCAs Twitter page:


To report dog fights, or any form of animal cruelty, contact your local SPCA.

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