5 Winter hacks to keep you warm with Guzzle

Winter is here and keeping warm is one of the top priorities of the season. Besides the usual winter routine of drinking hot beverages, using a hot water bottle and a heater, there are many other creative ways to stay warm.

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1. Pipe insulation as draft blockers

There’s nothing more frustrating than sitting in a warm room, but still being able to feel an icy draft coming from under the door. Not only can drafts make you cold, but they also have the potential to make you sick, as the cold may mute your immune system’s response.

The solution for this is to buy pipe insulation and close the gap between the door and the floor to prevent cold air from coming through. It’s easy to do and costs way less than buying draft blockers.


2. Hand warmers made of rice

Having cold hands can make you feel like your fingers are about to fall off. Did somebody say frostbite?

A quick hack to help you keep your hands warm is to fill a sock with uncooked rice. Once done, pop the rice filled sock in the microwave for a few minutes and then savour the warmth.

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3. Add fleece to your insoles

So, now that you know how to warm up your hands, what about your feet? Sometimes wearing socks just isn’t enough.

For added warmth, cut an old fleece jersey in the shape of your insoles and glue the pieces onto your insoles. This will help your shoes trap heat, making your feet warmer.


4. Warm your clothes before you wear them

It’s 6AM and your alarm just woke you up. The room is ice cold. You hop into a warm shower and hop back out into an icy room, only to put on a pair of ice-cold jeans.

There’s a way for you to feel warm straight after a shower. If you own a radiator heater, you can warm your clothes by placing them on the heater or 30 seconds.

Disclaimer: some heaters don’t allow for this as this may be dangerous and may potentially start a fire.


5. Layering is everything

The best way to stay warm without a source of heat is to layer, layer, layer! Make sure you purchase long johns (or tights) to wear under your pants during winter. Wearing a vest as well as added layers of clothing an help you trap body heat and stay warm.

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