Foreign nationals nabbed for possession of dagga

The Middleburg Flying Squad confiscated 28 bags of dagga from two suspects traveling in a Toyota Hilux on the N4 in Wonderfontein near Belfast today (Wednesday).

The police said the dagga weighed 328.4 kg and is worth R3.284 million. The vehicle was stopped by the police at about 11:00.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, they discovered suspicious bags.

The vehicle the suspects were driving.

Further investigation led to the discovery of 28 bags with different addresses on them.


The bags contained plastic bags wrapped with brown tape,”inside of which herbs believed to be dagga were found.”

The two occupants of the vehicle, a 36-year-old Malawi national and a 34-year-old Tanzanian national, both of whom were undocumented, told the police that they were on their way to Johannesburg from Eswatini.

The suspects were arrested for dealing in dagga and contravening the Immigration Act.

The police stated that the Department of Home Affairs will intervene in the matter.

The two suspects are expected to appear before the Belfast Magistrate’s Court as soon as the investigation is completed.

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