Petrol prices to decrease this June

Expected petrol and diesel price changes for June.

Great news is on the horizon for all South Africans, as we take a step back and await the results of the national election and ponder on the future of our beautiful country, we can all come together and rejoice at the expected petrol price decrease in June.

The latest figures from the Central Energy Fund point toward a rather considerable decrease in the price of petrol and diesel in the coming month.

These price changes are, of course, an estimate, but a reliable one at that.

You can find the expected changes below:
• Petrol 93: decrease of R1 per litre.
• Petrol 95: decrease of R1 per litre.
• Diesel 0.05%: decrease of R1.01 per litre.
• Diesel 0.005%: decrease of 92c per litre.
• Illuminating paraffin: decrease of 81c per litre.

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