Oops! Luxury 4X4 stolen from tyre dealership by man posing as owner’s proxy

“This is what nightmares are made of, needless to say, we’ve had a couple of hard days, and sleepless nights behind us”.

An expensive Nissan Patrol, worth a whopping R1.8 million, was stolen from Tyremart last week after the owner returned the vehicle to Middelburg Nissan over a rattling noise that bothered him.

The Nissan dealership confirmed the theft, saying the vehicle went through all the checks as well as a wheel alignment and balancing, but the owner returned the vehicle with complaints of a rattle.

Nissan organised another balance and alignment check with Tyremart.

After the vehicle was given the green light by Tyremart technicians, Tyremart received a phone call from a man asking whether “Louise, office assistant of the owner, had fetched the vehicle?”.

When the business responded that Louise had not collected the vehicle, the man said he would immediately send someone to collect the car.

Exactly eight minutes after the call from the supposed owner, a man walked in and said he had been sent to collect the pricey Patrol.

He asked for the keys, which were handed to him, and drove off.

When Nissan called to collect the vehicle, stunned Tyremart employees broke the news that the vehicle had already been taken and driven off.

Nissan phoned the owner who said that he had not sent any office assistant to fetch the vehicle and that no phone calls had been made to Tyremart from his offices.

It was at this moment that both Nissan and Tyremart knew they had been conned.

Representatives from both Tyremart and Nissan accompanied the owner to the police station where the Patrol was reported stolen.

The incident occurred last week on Wednesday, June 12.

Middelburg Observer spoke to the Tyremart technician who released the car, who says he’s still being haunted by guilt.

“I received the call, and shortly after a man walks in saying his boss sent him to collect the vehicle, I did not smell a rat,” he says.

Both dealerships have warned industry colleagues to be vigilant.

“This was carefully timed and planned,” the distraught tyre technician says.

A Nissan sales representative told Middelburg Observer, “This is what nightmares are made of, needless to say we’ve had a couple of hard days, and sleepless nights behind us”.

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