Top tips for a DIY kitchen revamp

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, whether its preparing breakfast and school lunches for the kids, making a regular cuppa, or sharing the space with a partner to make the evening meal... the kitchen definitely is one of the most hardworking rooms in any home.

Because you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, wouldn’t it be nice to revamp your kitchen into a space where you love spending time?

Here are just a few of our top tips for an affordable kitchen revamp:

1. Lighten the mood

A kitchen that doesn’t have large windows, or is south-facing, is generally a dull space. If you have the option to increase the size or number of windows then you could consider the option of knocking out and adding a window or two. Installing a skylight is another alternative to look at for upping the amount of natural light into a kitchen. 


However, if you are in a flat or townhouse, knocking through walls and concrete slab ceilings is not an option.


Adding light fittings to a kitchen is one of the most affordable ways to refresh and brighten up any kitchen. Today’s modern, low-voltage LED lighting designs provide a wide choice of lighting solutions that are perfect for a home. Think downlights, uplights and under-cabinet lights. Have a certified electrician install the wiring for you if you don’t already have in place.


2. Refresh with paint

While painted kitchen cabinets is not everyone’s cup of tea, it does wonders for a dated kitchen that needs a new look. Plus, a painted kitchen doesn’t mean that you are destroying the cabinetry. Plascon RemovALL is an eco-friendly paint stripper that removes paint finishes should you ever change your mind.

Give cabinets a good scrubbing down with sugar soap to remove all traces of grease and grime, rinse clean, allow to dry and then lightly sand with 180-grit sandpaper.

Visit your local paint store for advice on the best paint to use for your particular kitchen, and while you’re there, don’t forget to grab some paint swatches to take home with you.

3. DIY a new look

If a quick and easy paint job just won’t do the job, you could consider replacing kitchen cabinet doors with wood or board alternatives. Timber merchants and hardware stores stock a selection of timber and board products that you can have cut to size. If you’re not sure what to do, spend some time browsing the Internet to see what you like and then take your ideas to your local timber merchant for their advice or recommendations.

New doors, new hardware and new countertops and you will have a brand new kitchen that can be installed as and when you can afford it.


4. Splashed with tiles

Using mosaic tiles to add an eye-catching backsplash will instantly uplift the most drab kitchen to new heights. Mosaic tiles comes in colourful tints, natural textures and bold metallic finishes, and are so easy to apply you can tile a backsplash in a weekend.

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