On This Day in South African History

On this day in 1990, Nelson Mandela received his first passport after being released from prison.

On this day in 1990, Nelson Mandela, was issued with his first South African passport eight days after he was released from prison. It was this passport (with his second name “Rolihlahla” spelt incorrectly as “Rolilahla”) that he used to embark on a tour of some of the African states that had supported the South African liberation struggle, including Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia.


The photograph of Madiba’s passport, was taken by Nadja Manghezi, who was working at the Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College in Tanzania in March 1990. He made it available to the Nelson Mandela Foundation Archive.

Check out the video of Madiba leaving prison on 11 February 1990:

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