Monday Motivation: The opposite of humility

Choosing not to brag about your accomplishments may prove to be difficult at times but since It’s International Be Humble Day, you can at least try.

The golden age of narcissism is upon us. This is probably why being humble seems to be one of the hardest virtues to attain in this generation. There seems to be lots of confusion between what constitutes humility or the opposite of it. Feeding a starving child might be a humble act but taking a picture of it seems to defeat the purpose.


Humility requires one thing, acts that are devoid of self, pride on the other hand is all about congratulating the self. Famous people who were known for their humility include Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. Here are some examples of the opposite of humility.

The people who have a “god” complex.

giphy (1)


giphy (10)

The people who are conceited beyond measure.

giphy (4)


giphy (5)

giphy (11)

The people who are really rich, greedy and not afraid to tell you.

giphy (16)


The people who have delusions of grandeur.

giphy (18)

Don’t be like these people, enjoy a slice of humble pie.

giphy (19)

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