Survival tips for holiday road trips

Road trips are supposed to be fun, safe and mentally refreshing. Implementing simple road trip tips will go a long way in having a memorable road trip.

Holiday season is upon us. Hitting the highway for a road trip to a travel destination is often a good idea but it comes with its own challenges. Planning carefully and taking certain steps will ensure safe arrival at your destination.

Road Trip Tips

Fill your tank-Having no fuel simply means no road trip. It’s very important to fuel up before heading out. This should be further extended to checking fluid levels in the car as well as the tyre pressure before you start off.

Prepare for the unexpected-Be sure to pack an emergency kit with items that could help in the event of an accident or medical problem. This kit should contain a flashlight, blanket, first aid kit, a few basic tools, water and snacks.

Weather-It is always advisable to check the weather before you start off. Allow extra space between your car and the other vehicles on the road, and reduce your speed, particularly during bad weather.

GPS system-Using a navigation system will ensure you don’t get lost. It also makes it easier to find a fuel filling station or restaurant if need arises. A GPS system can also alert you to any accidents or traffic jams ahead, in an emergency, it can help first responders to find you.

Pets-If you are a pet lover and considering traveling with one, remember that pets should be secured with a seat belt while travelling in the car. Unsecured animals can distract a driver and create an additional hazard in the event of an accident. It’s also important to bring water, food, a leash and clean up supplies for pets.

Food-Packing a little food is a great idea for the trip. It helps keep the driver awake and alert and it keeps the smaller people filled up with healthy nutrition rather than fast food. Keep food cool in a cooler box. Grapes, carrots, celery and other fruits and veggies are also safe as long as they are fresh and washed at the start and packaged in resalable containers.

Fun-If you are travelling with children, bring along few things to keep kids entertained. Small toys, books, iPods, DVD players and e-Readers to ease boredom. Essential fight busters such as earphones and extra batteries also go a long way.

Road trip tips listed above, if well applied will go a long way in having a fun and successful road trip.

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